Over recent years we have made every effort to improve accessibility on site and provide facilities to meet with our visitor’s needs.

We consider that accessibility is a continually evolving project, in which Holywell Bay Fun Park staff positively support and enthusiastically contribute, providing both assistance and further suggestions to improve the wide range of services we offer.


Holywell Bay Fun Park is a family visitor attraction, set beside Holywell Bay Beach on the North Cornish Coastline.

Pre Arrival

  • The nearest Train Station is Newquay, approximately 4 miles away. An accessible taxi can be booked via Pat’s Cabs on 01637 830 637.
  • There is a public bus stop by the entrance to Holywell Bay Fun Park, which is serviced by Western Greyhound. There are currently services to Newquay, Perranporth and Truro. Bus times vary seasonally. Up to date times can be obtained from Western Greyhound on 01637 871 871.
  • The majority of our literature is available in large print if required. Please call us on 01637 330 095 to request a copy.

Car Parking and Arrival

  • Parking is free and located 200m from The Shop.
  • The car park consists of tarmac, gravel and grass. There are three disabled parking places by the main entrance and on tarmaced ground.
  • Entry into the Fun Park is free. Access from the Car Park is down a very slight incline, with no steps between the car park and Shop entrance.
  • The Shop is accessed via double doors, the opening is 1.5m wide.

The Shop

  • Wristbands and Star Cards are available from The Shop.
  • The floor is carpeted and level throughout.
  • All areas are well and evenly lit.
  • An open counter is available at the end of the desk and there are no glass screens.
  • Carers of registered disabled paying visitors are admitted free of charge.
  • Push wheelchair hire is available, but must be pre-booked.
  • Entry to the Park is free for spectators.
  • The Shop Manager, or one of her team, will always be available during the shop opening hours, 10.30am to close.

Rides and Attractions:

  • Signage is available throughout the sign and is mainly visual and in large print.
  • Music is played in most areas and many of the rides make loud noises. None of the rides contain flashing lights or images.
  • Seating can be found throughout the Fun Park.
  • Much of the park is tarmaced but can be uneven in parts.

Go Karts:

  • The entrance to the Go Karts is accessible via a ramp. Queuing takes place behind a fenced area, approx 90cm wide.
  • There is a step up to the go-kart platform.
  • Instructions for using the Go- Karts are spoken out loud.

Whizz Kids:

  • There is a ramped entrance to the Whizz Kids ride. Queuing takes place behind a fenced area, approx 90cm wide.
  • Instructions for using the Whizz Kids are spoken out loud.

Crazy Golf:

  • There is an uneven Astroturf surface with numerous steps and obstacles.
  • Viewing is available behind a fenced area.

Battle Boats:

  • Access is via 5 wooden steps.
  • The water in the Battle Boats is approximately 50cm deep.

Battle Boat Guns:

  • Accessed via a concrete path, the Battle Boat Guns are situated 1m above the ground and operated via a push / pull mechanism.

Blaster Boats:

  • Blaster Boats are two seater.
  • Accessed via a concrete path and 5m fenced queue system. The gate entrance is 90cm wide.
  • Users are required to step into the boats, the water is approximately 50cm deep.

Star Cars

  • The Star Cars are two seaters with one person operating the ride.
  • Access is via a concrete path and 10m fenced queue system. The gate entrance is 90cm wide.
  • There is a step up to the Star Car entrance platform.
  • Ride instructions are spoken.

Farm Golf:

  • There is a gravel entrance onto a grassed area with a quite steep slope down to the grass area. Picnic style seating is provided on the attraction.

Panning for Gold:

  • Access is via a wooden ramped entrance.
  • Panning troughs are approximately 60cm high. A viewing platform is available.

Jolly Tots:

  • The indoor, soft play area is accessed via The Diner. There are double doors into the area. The floor is hard and flat.

Merlin’s Maze:

  • Entrance to the maze is 3ft wide with numerous steps inside and uneven surfaces.

Italian Job

  • This coin operated ride required £1 coins. The steering wheel is situated at 75cm from the ground level.

Kiddy Karts and Orbitors:

  • Both rides are accessed via one entrance which has two concrete steps approaching it. Viewing is available on a flat level behind a fence.

Bouncy Castle, Water Walkers and Hillbilly Shooting Range

  • The ground is mainly gravel, on a flat level. There is a double entrance onto the ride, approximately 80cm wide. There is ramp entrance up to the Water Walkers ride.

Trampolines and Rebound

  • The ground is mainly gravel, on a flat level. There is a gated entrance onto the ride, approximately 80cm wide. There are four metal steps up to the Trampolines.

Public Toilets

  • All of our toilets are situated beside The Diner.
  • Our accessible toilet is unisex and does require a key. A key is available from The Diner.
  • There is level entry to all toilets. The width to the accessible toilet is approximately 85cm (33 inches).
  • There are horizontal and vertical grab rails on either side of the WC.
  • If guests require assistance a red pull cord is provided.
  • The WC has tile flooring and is brightly and evenly lit.
  • The taps are lever operated.


  • The Diner is open plan and easily accessible on ground level.
  • There are double doors to the main entrance.
  • The entrance is up a slight slope on brick flooring.
  • Indoor seating is fixed with ample room available between tables.
  • Outdoor seating is provided on a level terrace with patio slabs and picnic bench seating.
  • Menu items include vegetarian options and specific dietary needs can be discussed on the day or prior to the visit by calling 01637 832 962.
  • The menu consists of white lettering on a black background and is also available in large print. A member of staff will be happy to read the menu aloud should that be of help.
  • All toilets are adjacent to the café and can be accessed on the same level.
  • Daisy’s Ice Cream Parlour is on ground level but there is a small step up to the entrance. Assistance is available on request, alternatively, Ice-Creams may be purchased from The Diner counter for convenience.
  • Outside tables at ground level are also available and offer disabled access.

Additional Information:

  • Many staff have first aid training and accessibility awareness.
  • We welcome assistance dogs throughout the Fun Park. Water bowls are available at The Diner.
  • Wheelchair hire is available, but it is advisable to arrange prior to arrival.
  • Holywell Bay Fun Park staff are always happy to discuss the facilities available and any concerns before any booking is made.
  • A copy of the accessibility statement is available in large print and via post, e-mail or fax.


  • The Holywell Bay Fun Park websites have been built using valid XHTML and CSS Transitional coding to allow correct rendering by all known web browsers including those with features for people with vision and/or motor difficulties.
  • Text size is adjustable by use of keyboard short cuts and also via icons on the bottom of every page, this allows the viewer to increase the font size to make it easier to read.
  • No core functionality relies solely on the use of javascript.
  • Adequate foreground/background contrast has been utilised for all text allowing it to be read more clearly.
  • The site does not overly use capitalisation making the site easier to read by people with dyslexia.
  • All pages of the website achieve a good Flesch Reading Ease score resulting in easy to read pages.
  • W3C guidelines have been adhered to wherever possible to create a fully compliant website to current standards.
  • There appropriate ALT tags have been used on images.


  • Wheelchair hire is available, but it is advisable to arrange prior to arrival.
  • Holywell Bay Fun Park staff are always happy to discuss the facilities available and any concerns before any booking is made.
  • A copy of the accessibility statement is available in large print and via post, e-mail or fax.
  • There is a list of useful numbers including medical services, local care, taxis etc in The Shop which is issued on arrival.
  • The local bus timetable is available from The Shop. The bus stop is only a few yards from the Fun Park main entrance and is easily accessible.

Public areas

  • The Fun Park is on a gentle slope and most of our facilities within the main public area have flat access and extra wide doors.
  • In our new signage we have used words and symbols to improve readability.
  • Guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs are accepted in all areas, with water bowls being made available from The Diner.
  • The main roads throughout the site and public areas are surfaced with tarmac or patio stones.

Disabled access at Holywell Bay Fun Park

  • Holywell Bay Fun Park has been designed with the needs of guests with disabilities firmly in mind. Risk assessments and policies are reviewed to ensure the park remains as accessible as possible to all guests with disabilities, including wheelchair users.
  • All staff are trained and enabled to recognise the individual needs of our guests. All our guests are treated as individuals and we are never too busy to take care of them! Here are just a few ways that we hope to make a visit to Holywell Bay Fun Park even more enjoyable for our guests with special requirements:
  • The site is well signposted throughout, with both word and symbols to improve readability.
  • The individual rides on site are separated by fenced walls, Cornish hedges or tree/shrub lines and there are landscaped areas located throughout the site.

Future Plans

  • We are constantly looking at how to improve the range of disabled facilities throughout the Park.
  • We are currently working on a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) paper and hope to go on line with this soon.
  • We welcome customer feedback and encourage our visitors to complete our Visitor Questionnaire which is handed out at the end of their stay.

We have tried to be as accurate as possible, however if you need any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01637 830 095.

For specific requirements on accessibility please e-mail

Thank you